Growing Businesses on the XRP Ledger

Enabling the
Internet of Value

Xpring (pronounced “spring”) is a Ripple initiative that builds infrastructure and helps innovative blockchain projects grow through investments and partnerships. We are strongly focused on projects that build on and utilize XRP and the XRP Ledger.

Our objective is to build a robust community of developers, entrepreneurs and companies who believe that blockchains, and the XRP Ledger in particular, will transform industries.

Areas of Interest

We invest, collaborate and provide support in a diverse set of areas including:

Interledger Protocol

Interoperability across blockchains is key to addressing diverse use cases and enabling mass adoption. We are significant supporters of the open-source Interledger Protocol as the standard for transacting across different blockchains and are excited about the new forms of infrastructure and applications that can be created using it.

Asset Tokenization

Blockchains provide the opportunity to tokenize value such as equity, virtual goods or real estate – providing better liquidity and programmability. We’re particularly excited about the potential for new design paradigms in gaming unlocked by virtual goods and economies based on digital assets.


Digital assets such as XRP are transforming the payment industry. While Ripple is focused on cross-border payments, we believe there are additional opportunities for innovation and XRP in the broader payment space, such as micropayments, machine-to-machine payments, paid APIs and wallets.

Decentralized Finance

As XRP makes value exchange faster and easier, there will be great opportunities for new financial products built on digital assets. Those opportunities include debt, derivatives, futures, forwards and more.


We are strong advocates for developers and entrepreneurs and encourage you to join our community.

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