Growing Businesses on the XRP Ledger

Growing Businesses
on the XRP Ledger

Xpring (pronounced “spring”) supports businesses that would see material benefit from building on the XRP Ledger

The initiative will invest in, incubate, acquire and provide grants to companies and projects run by proven entrepreneurs that use the XRP Ledger and the digital asset XRP to solve their customers’ problems in a transformative way.

Our Story

The XRP Ledger is open-source, decentralized, free and available to all developers and entrepreneurs to use. It features superior speed, scale and stability when compared to other blockchains.





These characteristics make XRP and the XRP Ledger game-changing innovations that entrepreneurs could apply across identity, trade finance, gaming and virtual goods, provenance, real estate, insurance, digital media and many more industries.

Ripple formed Xpring because it recognizes the vast, still untapped potential of the ledger and the asset for uses cases beyond the company’s focus: removing friction from global payments.


We are strong advocates for all entrepreneurs and even if we aren’t able to support your company or project, we appreciate you joining the XRP Ledger and ILP open-source communities. We encourage developers to also visit the Developer Center for important documentation.

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Our small team is heads down identifying and pursuing projects with many interested entrepreneurs. While we aren’t able to evaluate many inbound requests, you can submit your project and we’ll do our best to get back to you.

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