What are early projects Xpring will support?

It’s early days for Xpring. The team is carefully evaluating a pipeline of more than 100 companies and projects.

What is the relationship between Ripple and Xpring?

Ripple provides the capital for Xpring and Xpring exists within Ripple. Xpring partners will operate as separate entities.

Do you support just companies or individuals as well?

We’re focused on investing in projects with needle-moving business plans. Those projects may be existing companies with proven success or new companies founded by entrepreneurs with great track records building successful companies.

How are you selecting and vetting the projects you’re supporting? Are you focusing on specific use cases or verticals?

We’re identifying and pursuing projects right now (versus evaluating inbound pitches). We’ll work with great teams going after well-defined and validated market opportunities with clear product-market fit using XRP.

What stage are the companies you are supporting?

We are focused on impact and alignment with our vision to build on the XRP Ledger versus stage.

Will you be taking board seats with the companies you fund?
A stake in the company ownership?

In certain cases, yes.

Will the startups/entrepreneurs have access to Ripple’s board, team, network?

These companies will operate independently, however, we believe we are uniquely positioned to help these companies be successful. The Xpring team will partner with them to that end and support them with what they need to succeed.

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Our small team is heads down identifying and pursuing projects with many interested entrepreneurs. While we aren’t able to evaluate many inbound requests, you can submit your project and we’ll do our best to get back to you.

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